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Leaving ANZ

If you’re leaving ANZ, your ANZ Staff Super account can come with you to your new employer! Save the hassle of switching funds and stay with us, we’d be sad to see you leave.

Staying with ANZ Staff Super ensures you continue to benefit from competitive fees, strong performance, low fees and costs as well as low insurance premiums.

If the ATO has ANZ Staff Super as your ‘stapled’ fund and you change jobs, your new employer will need to pay your super contributions to us, unless you direct them otherwise. If you’re happy to stay with us and we’re your stapled fund, your super contributions will go into your account in our Personal Section, which is designed for former ANZ employees.

For information about the Personal Section, read the Product Disclosure Statement available in the PDS and guides page.

Ready to retire?

If you’re leaving ANZ, ready to retire and have $25,000 or more in your account, you can stay with ANZ Staff Super and convert your super into a regular income in retirement. 

Read more about our retirement options.

For more information about your retirement options talk to an ANZ Staff Super financial adviser on 1800 000 086 for advice over the phone.