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Our investment options

We offer members the choice of four investment options and you can invest your super or retirement account in one or any combination of the options available.

Each investment option has different investment objectives, asset allocation and risk and return expectations.

Generally, all investments have the potential to increase or decrease in value or stay the same. An increase in value generates a positive return while a decrease in value generates a negative return. Generally, the greater an investment’s potential return, the greater the risk associated with that investment.

You should be comfortable with the level of risk associated with the investment option(s) you choose.

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Aggressive Growth

The majority of assets are invested in shares with small allocations to property and alternative investments.

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Balanced Growth

(A MySuper product) Typically, around 59% is invested in growth assets like shares. The remaining assets are invested in more defensive assets such as fixed income, cash and alternative investments.

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Typically around 60% is invested in diversified fixed interest securities and cash.

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100% is invested in short-term money market securities and fixed interest securities with short durations.

Log inOpens in new window to your account and go to the "Managing your investments" page to see the description, objective, standard risk measure, minimum suggested timeframe, asset allocation, and recent investment performance for each investment option.

Super members who do not make an investment choice will be invested in the default Balanced Growth option. Retirement members who do not make an investment choice will be invested in the option(s) that most recently applied to their super account.

For more on information on our investment options and what to consider when making an investment choice, including details about risk and return, read the PDS for your section.

Changing investment options

You can choose one, or a combination of our four investment options for your account. You can change your investment selection weekly at no cost to you.

You can invest your account balance in more than one investment option, in any proportion you wish. Super members can also choose the same or a different investment mix to apply to any future contributions and other cashflow (such as rollovers) coming into their account.

Retirement members can choose to have drawdowns or payments coming out of their account drawn from one or more of their investment options.

While it is possible to change your investment choice weekly, you should think carefully about making any changes based on your reaction to short-term fluctuations in the value of your investment. Super is generally considered to be a long-term investment in which you should take a considered long-term view of investment markets.

How do I change my investments

Log inOpens in new window to your account, and go to the "Managing your investments" page.

Important note: if you submit a change to your investments before 5pm (AEST) Thursday, it will be processed on the following Wednesday using the weekly unit prices for that day. Changes submitted after this time will be proccessed on the Wednesday after next. During times of extreme market volatility, processing of members', requests may be delayed.

As your circumstances change, you may need to review your investment options. But before you make a choice, you should seek financial advice from a ANZ Staff Super financial adviser.

Unit prices

Your ANZ Staff Super account is recorded as a unit holding in one or more of the underlying investment options.

Each investment option has a unit price. The unit price of a particular investment option is the value of its net assets divided by the number of units on issue. The “value of net assets” is the current market value of assets in an investment option, after deducting current liabilities such as accrued investment tax (where applicable) and investment related expenses.

Unit prices are set weekly or, in certain circumstances, more frequently as determined by the Trustee of ANZ Staff Super.

As asset values fluctuate, unit prices will go up and down. The investment return for each investment option is calculated as the percentage change in unit prices for the year, to provide a measure of investment performance.

To check current or historical unit prices of ANZ Staff Super, log inOpens in new window and go the "Managing your investments" page.

Need help with investing?

No one can control the markets, but you can shape your own reactions and decide what to do with your investments.

If you are investing for the longer term (5 years or more) then sticking with your current investment option and riding out any short-term volatility is one course of action.

It’s a good idea to review your investment strategy from time to time. If you need help reviewing your investment strategy, we recommend you get in touch with us and get advice from an ANZ Staff Super financial adviser*

Advice at no extra cost

Get the advice you need before you make an investment choice or change your investment options. You can contact an ANZ Staff Super financial adviser on 1800 000 086 who can give you advice on the investment options available in the fund.

The Trustee of ANZ Staff Super has entered into an agreement with Link Advice who have been engaged to provide members with general or limited personal financial advice about options available within ANZ Staff Super over the phone. Any advice provided by Link Advice is not endorsed by the Trustee and is not provided under the Trustee's AFSL.