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  • With almost 30,000 members, the benefits of ANZ Staff Super membership include:



    Low fees mean more money invested in your account for your future.



    As a member you have a choice of how your super is invested. There are four investment options offered.



    Automatic death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover provided to most new employees and Employee section members can choose the level of cover they need. Optional salary continuance insurance cover is also available.



    If you leave ANZ you can stay with ANZ Staff Super and choose to have your new employer pay your contributions to your Personal section account.



    You can receive a regular income in retirement or supplement your income so you can ease into retirement while still working – including transition to retirement.



    Your spouse can become a member of the Partner section and you may be eligible to claim a rebate on the contributions you pay for your spouse.



    You will receive regular communications, ongoing financial education programs, and access to financial advice to guide you through the different stages of your life.



    Manage your account online and stay up-date wherever and when it suits you – sign in here to begin.



    *Chant West Super Fund Fee Survey, December 2020, account balances of $25,000 & $50,000

    To find out more, call ANZ Staff Super on 1800 000 086 any time from 8.00am to 6.00pm (AEST/AEDT) on all national business days. You can also email your enquiry to

  • Employee Section

    If you are a permanent or fixed-term employee of ANZ in Australia you will be automatically enrolled as a member of ANZ Staff Super when you commence employment, unless you elect to contribute to another super fund by completing a Standard Choice Form.

    For information about the Employee Section, read the Employee Section Product Disclosure Statement. New members of the Employee Section can make a number of choices about their super by completing the Application for membership (Employee Section) form in the PDS.

    Partner Section

    If you are the spouse of a current ANZ Staff Super member you can apply to join ANZ Staff Super’s Partner Section.

    For information about the Partner Section, read the Partner Section Product Disclosure Statement. To apply to become a spouse member, complete the Application for Membership (Partner Section) form in the PDS.

    Personal Section

    When you leave ANZ, after 30 days your account will be automatically transferred to the Personal Section if your account balance is $7,500 or more. Your existing investment choices will the stay the same unless you choose to change them by completing a Changing your investment options form.

    Staying with us means you continue to enjoy the benefits of ANZ Staff Super membership. You can even ask your new employer to pay your super contributions to your Personal Section account. All you need do is complete the Choice of Fund Election Form in We heard you’re leaving. Why not take us with you? and give it to your new employer.

    For information about the Personal Section, read the Personal Section Product Disclosure Statement

    Retirement Section

    If you’re ready to retire, have reached “preservation age” or are looking to ease your way there, and have $25,000 or more in your account, our Retirement Section options mean you can convert your super into a regular income. There’s two options:

    • Transition to retirement – lets you access your super from a certain age (at least 57) to maintain your income if you’re looking to reduce your work hours and ease into retirement.
    • Retirement income – lets you use your super to receive a regular income in retirement in a tax-friendly environment.


    For information about the Retirement Section and the right option for you, read the Retirement Section Product Disclosure Statement or talk to an ANZ Staff Super financial planner on 1800 000 086 for advice over the phone. To apply for a Retirement Section option, complete the Application for membership (Retirement Section) in the PDS.

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