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Your lifestyle in retirement will depend on how much you’ve saved by the time you retire. Your super will form an important part of these savings. You can give your super a boost with additional regular contributions or lump sum contributions. Even small contributions can make a big difference over time. And depending which contribution strategy you choose, you may also receive a tax break or a Government co-contribution.


If you are an ANZ employee, to make salary sacrifice (pre-tax) or personal (post-tax) super contributions, add a MyPay request on PeopleSoft Employee Self Service. If you need help setting up or changing your voluntary contributions, If you need help setting up or changing your voluntary contributions, refer to PeopleHub.

If  you are not an ANZ employee, speak to your employer to make salary sacrifice (pre-tax) contributions. To make post-tax contributions you can use BPAY (log in for your BPAY payment details) or send a cheque together with an Application to make lump sum contributions form to us.

To see the difference extra contributions could make to your estimated super balance at retirement, or allow for any other super or financial resources you may have, use Model my Super. By logging in to your account, it’s pre-populated with your personal data making it easy to model the impact of different contribution and retirement age scenarios.




Set your super up for success with our six simple steps that don’t cost a cent:            

1. Bring your super together

If you’ve had other jobs, there’s a chance you may have super with other funds. Or if you’ve changed address, you may have lost super with the ATO. Bringing your super together makes managing your super easier and may help save on fees. To combine your super, log in to your account and click on Find lost super. Before combining accounts, make sure you understand any fees or costs associated with the transfer and the impact it may have on any insurance you hold.

2. Review your investment choice

You can’t control the ups and downs of investment markets but you can control how to invest your super. We can help you review your investment choice and determine what’s most appropriate for you. Ensure you’re making an informed decision. Call us on 1800 000 086 for assistance.

3. Review your insurance cover

Insurance through ANZ Staff Super can provide you with peace of mind should the unexpected happen. Most members have death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover. Log in to your account to find out the types and amounts of insurance cover you have and what it costs.

If you’d like to change your insurance cover, ANZ Staff Super’s insurance options are flexible. You can apply to tailor your death and TPD cover to suit your needs and add optional salary continuance insurance. Terms and conditions apply.

4. Nominate beneficiaries

Make sure we know who you’d like your super and any insurance benefit paid to in the event of your death by nominating your beneficiaries.

Log in to your account to make a non-binding nomination. This lets us know who your preferred beneficiaries are. To make sure your super is paid according to your wishes, you can make a binding nomination by completing and returning a Nominating your beneficiaries form. Once you’ve made a nomination, you should keep your beneficiaries up to date with any changes in your life.

5. Get super educated

Expand your knowledge with our online super videos. Hosted by recruits Kooki and Roo, the videos break down important topics like changing jobs, growing your super and planning for retirement into easy, bite sized pieces of information.

6. Talk to us, we’re here to help

For help with any of the steps above, talk to us. We’re here to help you make the most of your super and create the future you want in retirement:

               • Call us 1800 000 086

               • Email us

General or limited advice provided over the phone is available at no extra charge and more detailed and personal advice is available for a fee.


Financial advice

Get the advice you need about contributing to your super. You can contact an ANZ Staff Super financial adviser on 1800 000 086 who can give you limited advice on the types of contributions you may make to your super.   

The Trustee of ANZ Staff Super has entered into an agreement with Mercer Financial Advice (Australia) Pty Ltd under which Mercer's financial advisers have been engaged to provide members with general or limited personal financial advice about options available within ANZ Staff Super over the phone for no extra charge.

These financial planning services are provided by Mercer Financial Advice (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 76 153 168 293, AFSL#411766. Any advice provided by Mercer's advisers is not provided or endorsed by the Trustee and is not provided under the Trustee’s AFSL.

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