Investment performance

Investment performance for super members

The table below shows the investment returns* for Employee, Personal and Partner section members of ANZ Staff Super. From 1 July 2017, these returns also apply to Transition to retirement section members. 

1 January to
31 December 2020
Cautious Cash
Year to Date 5.02% 3.93% 3.52% 0.97%
1 year 5.02% 3.93% 3.52% 0.97%
3 years 7.67% 6.32% 4.53% 1.36%
5 years 9.07% 7.53% 5.03% 1.52%
10 years 8.77% 7.83% 5.58% 2.27%

*Returns shown after investment fees and tax but before account management fees have been deducted.

Investment performance for pension members

The table below shows the investment returns** for Account Based Pension members of the Scheme.

1 January to
31 December 2020
Cautious Cash
Year to Date 5.08% 4.03% 3.81% 1.14%
1 year 5.08% 4.03% 3.81% 1.14%
3 years 8.37% 6.95% 5.10% 1.60%
5 years 9.77% 8.16% 5.58% 1.78%
10 years 9.41% 8.56% 6.27% 2.66%

*Returns shown after investment fees and tax but before account management fees have been deducted.

Comparison of investment performance for super members

Period to
30 November 2020









1 year 1st 1st 1st 1st
3 years 1st 2nd 2nd 1st
5 years 1st 2nd 2nd 1st
10 years 1st 2nd 2nd 1st

ANZ Staff Super uses the Rainmaker Benchmarking Service to compare the relative performance of its investment options against other funds that offer similar investment options. Performance is assessed monthly and ANZ Staff Super’s net investment returns are reported in their respective performance quartile.  For instance, a 1st Quartile ranking is where ANZ Staff Super’s performance is ranked by Rainmaker to be in the top 25% of results sampled.

Important Note: Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. This investment returns information has been prepared for the general information of members of the Scheme. It does not take into account any member’s individual financial objectives, financial situation or needs.

We recommend that you seek help from a licensed financial adviser before acting on any of this information. While all due care and diligence has been taken in the preparation of this information, the Trustee reserves the right to correct any errors or omissions.

Protecting members’ interests

Protecting your interests is our highest priority.

Our advisers have been telling us that investment returns would be lower than normal for an extended period of time, so we have structured our investments to weather periods of downturn and will continue to develop a more active investment approach to yield solid long-term results. Superannuation is a long-term investment and we are here to generate market competitive long-term returns.

Managing risk and volatility while remaining open to opportunity

ANZ Staff Super invests both actively and passively and it is during times of volatility that our Diversity managers really shine. Their highly active strategies are less reliant on good economic conditions and designed to pivot quickly to navigate changing markets.

Active strategies help to provide positive investment returns when share markets are falling and capture added value by identifying buying opportunities as assets are repriced and economic activity picks up.

In response to the coronavirus crisis Governments and central banks around the world – including here in Australia – took extraordinary measures to protect and stimulate their economies.

No one expects the economy and investment markets to look the way they did before the coronavirus crisis, however this does not mean it is all doom and gloom. We continue to safeguard our assets and members’ balances during periods of market volatility, while continuing to position ourselves favourably for the long-term by selectively taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.


Investing for strong returns, investing sustainably

At ANZ Staff Super we believe investing responsibly and investing for strong long-term returns are entirely compatible and focusing on both will help us create a strong sustainable future for our members and the planet.

Our prime purpose is to protect and grow your retirement savings, so you can live the life you want when you stop paid work. Acting with that purpose, we aim to improve our overall risk-adjusted returns by considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks alongside other financial risks.

We take ESG considerations into account when making investment decisions and monitoring performance. Historically, this has primarily been through assessing the approach to ESG investing of our external managers to ensure that they are appropriately considering the risks and opportunities that ESG factors create.

We continually look at how we can improve our ability to measure our ESG exposures, both at the total portfolio level and for each external manager. This has improved our ability to monitor the risks within the portfolio and to engage with our managers to ensure they continue to manage our members’ money appropriately.

Our real asset portfolio includes funding clean, green, carbon neutral shopping centres and offices, funding sustainable development and renewable energy from solar, wind and geothermal – to name a few of our recent sustainable investments.

2020 saw ANZ Staff Super join with one other Australian investor and a number of overseas investors from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the UK in establishing a clean energy transition infrastructure fund with SUSI Partners that seeks to reduce carbon emissions. 

For more detail about our approach to socially responsible investing read our January 2020 Super Directions newsletter.

Your concerns are our concerns

If you are feeling concerned about anything to do with your super, please call us on 1800 000 086 or e-mail us at General or limited advice to do with ANZ Staff Super that is provided over the phone is available at no extra charge.

If you were planning to retire in the next five years you may be particularly concerned about short-term market volatility and how your super is invested.

In this case, you may want to obtain more detailed and personal advice, which comes at a fee.

Contact us and work out the right level of advice – general, limited or personal – to meet your needs.

In addition to accessing our support over the phone or email, there are active steps you can take to safeguard your financial wellbeing. Our Super Health Checklist will help you ensure your super stays on track through COVID-19 and beyond.

Financial advice

Get the advice you need before you make an investment choice or switch investment options. You can contact an ANZ Staff Super financial adviser on 1800 000 086 who can give you limited advice on the investment options available and your investment strategy.   

Whether your needs are simple or complex, an ANZ Staff Super financial adviser can help.

ANZ Staff Super has an agreement with ANZ under which ANZ’s financial advisers have been engaged to provide members with general or limited personal financial advice about options within ANZ Staff Super over the phone for no extra charge. If you require more complex personal advice, you’re given the option of receiving comprehensive personal advice from an ANZ financial adviser and ANZ will charge you a fee for this advice.

You have the option to have the fees for ANZ Staff Super-related super advice debited from your account. This facility applies only for fee for service advice provided by an ANZ financial adviser and no commissions will be paid under this facility. To find out more, read the Financial Planning fact sheet.

Financial planning services are provided by ANZ’s financial advisers under ANZ’s Australian Financial Services Licence number AFSL 234527. Any advice provided by ANZ’s financial advisers is not provided or endorsed by the Trustee and is not provided under The Trustee’s AFSL.





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