Gender Gap

Women tend to live longer and retire with less than men. Recent figures* show that at retirement in 2015/16, women had an average of $157,000 in super while men had $271,000 – that’s about a $120,000 gap.

*The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, October 2017

ANZ is helping with a $500 contribution

ANZ is helping

If you were eligible, ANZ paid a $500 contribution to your super account in late January 2018.

You had to be active on the payroll as at 8 January to receive the contribution. To check your eligibility refer to Section 6 of the Schedules – Superannuation/Pension – Australia. If you have any questions regarding your pay or eligibility contact People Assist directly on 1800 652 535.

Look after yourself by contributing extra

Together, you and ANZ can make a difference. A great next step is to contribute to super yourself if you can. Apart from giving your super a boost, it could earn you a co-contribution from the government or a tax break.

Check these super smart contribution strategies and pick what suits you best: 

ANZ is helping

Lower income earners can get a Government top up

If you earn under $36,813 p.a. (including any reportable fringe benefits or super contributions) in the 2017/18 financial year, make personal (after-tax) contributions of $1,000 and meet other eligibility requirements, you could receive the maximum government co-contribution of $500, giving your super a boost.

The co-contribution reduces by 3.33 cents for every dollar of total income above the minimum threshold of $36,813 p.a. and cuts out altogether at $51,813 p.a. of total income.

Limits on personal contributions

Currently the limit on personal (after tax) contributions is $100,000 per year or $300,000 over a three-year period if you’re under age 65.

To start personal contributions

To make personal (after tax) contributions, add a MyPay request on PeopleSoft Employee Self Service. For instructions on how to make or amend a MyPay request and a link to PeopleSoft Employee Self Service click here.

ANZ is helping

Higher income earners can get tax breaks

If you make pre-tax contributions into super (known as salary sacrifice contributions) they are generally taxed at 15%* which is lower than many people’s marginal tax rates. The potential tax savings on any voluntary pre-tax super contributions depend on the marginal tax rate you’re currently paying.

Your income Marginal tax rate inc 2% Medicare levy Potential saving inside super
$37,001 - $87,000 34.5% 19.5%
$87,001 – $180,000 39% 24%
$180,001 – $250,000 47% 32%
$250,001 and over* 47% 17%

* Super contributions are taxed at 15% unless you earn $250,000 p.a. or more including any pre-tax super contributions.  

Limits on salary sacrifice contributions

Salary sacrifice contributions are included in the concessional contribution limit of $25,000 per year.

Concessional contributions include salary sacrifice contributions, contributions by ANZ and any other employers, and any contributions that you claim a tax deduction on. 

To start salary sacrifice contributions

To make salary sacrifice (pre-tax) contributions, add a MyPay request on PeopleSoft Employee Self Service. For instructions on how to make or amend a MyPay request and a link to PeopleSoft Employee Self Service click here.
From 1 July 2017, your total superannuation balance in ANZ Staff Super and any other superannuation funds (including any retirement accounts you may hold) may impact the amounts of concessional and non-concessional contributions you can make each year and your eligibility for some government concessions and contributions. For more information, go to

Not sure how much to contribute?

Before you make any decision, we strongly recommend you seek independent financial and taxation advice. If you need help working out how much to contribute, call an ANZ Staff Super financial adviser* on 1800 000 086.

Can’t afford extra contributions?

Get your super humming with seven simple steps that don’t cost a cent

1. Find any lost super from part-time or casual jobs you’ve had.

2. Consider consolidating all your super accounts into your ANZ Staff Super account. This may make it easier to manage and will cut out multiple sets of fees. But don't forget to check whether you'll lose any insurance you have with your old super fund(s).

3. Login to your account at

4. Check that you’ve nominated a beneficiary for your superannuation/insurance benefits.

5. Review the level of death and disablement insurance you have in your super, especially if you have a mortgage and/or dependants.

6. Consider your super investment option, taking into account the long-term nature of super.

7. If you’re going on parental leave, your partner could make spouse contributions for you and keep your super growing even when you’re not working.

Boost your super know-how

Talk to an expert 

ANZ Staff Super’s financial advisers* can provide you with general or limited personal financial advice over about your options in ANZ Staff Super over the phone for no extra charge. Call 1800 000 086.

Read Money & Life

ANZ Women’s Money & Life has life changing lessons, tips and practical advice to help you get super sorted – whatever your age.
Read Act your age on super.

Model Your Super

To see the difference contributing a little extra can make for you, use our
Model My Super calculator

Important notice

In preparing this document, the Trustee has not taken into account the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs ("financial circumstances") of any person. Accordingly, before acting on the advice contained in this document, you should assess whether the advice is appropriate in light of your own financial circumstances and consider contacting your financial adviser.

*ANZ Staff Superannuation (Australia) Pty Ltd (Trustee), the Trustee of the ANZ Australian Staff Superannuation Scheme, has entered into an agreement with Australian and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) under which ANZ's financial advisers have been engaged to provide Scheme members with general or limited personal financial advice about options available within the Scheme over the phone for no extra charge. If you require more complex personal advice, you'll be given the option of receiving comprehensive personal advice from an ANZ financial adviser and ANZ will charge you a fee for this advice. These financial planning services are provided by ANZ's financial advisers under ANZ's Australian Financial Services Licence number AFSL 234527. Any advice provided by ANZ's financial advisers is not provided or endorsed by the Trustee and is not provided under the Trustee's AFSL. 

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